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How to Add Images

Note that this section is not desribing how to add images to your slideshow, but how to embed images within the flow of text that is in your Artist Details section, or into an Event page. For slideshow images, see here.

Inserting images into a page is so common, it's worth considering this topic specifically. Inserting an image is easy, but you do need to consider that the best place for the image is to have it located on the server rather than it being hosted somewhere else. So adding an image to a page often requires the following steps:

  • Go into Edit mode by clicking on the Edit button in the green menu bar.
  • Place the cursor in the text where you would like the image to be anchored, which will become clearer later on.
  • Click the Image Icon (a tree). A popup will ask you to locate this image. Since we haven't got it uploaded to the website yet, we need to chose a place where this image should reside on the server first of all. For your Bio and your Events, we just place all the images into your folder, so there's normally no need to navigate elsewhere.
  • Click the Upload link on the bottom left.
  • Click on the Browse button, and then find the required image which is on your local file system, and then click the Upload button that is one the right. You can leave the title and the description blank if you want to. The image will then be uploaded into that location on the server.
  • Before clicking OK, consider the options for Inline, Left, or Right aligned and the size of the image. More often than not I select Left or Right here because placing an image Inline is quite rare. For Left or Right, the image is floated either to the left or right of the anchor point (which was where your cursor was when you started this), and text is made to flow around it. For inline the image is rendered in the flow of text.
  • Select the approximate size of the image that should be shown. You could have uploaded a large resolution image which would take a long time to download when people are viewing your page, so select a size appropriate to how you want the content to appear.
  • Click OK, and check whether you've got it placed how you intended.
  • Right-clicking on the image and selecting "Insert/edit image" allows you to change the position and size parameters.
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