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When an Event is first added to your folder (i.e. your Bio page), it starts off in the state of Private. This means it is only visible to you. Regular visitors to the site will not see this event at all. You will need to publish it before it becomes visible.

When the event is published:

  1. Your event will now be visible in the listing of events for all visitors to the website.
  2. An email is sent to the CDS notifications list notifying subscribers that a new Event has been added, with a link back to that event. Make sure that you are happy that the details and the dates of the event are accurate before publishing it.



You can unsubscribe from this list by doing the following:

Go to this web page, and type your email address in the top box, ignore the password field, and hit the Unsubscribe button. The system will send an email to you confirming that you really want to unsubscribe. Follow the instructions in that email.


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