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Updating your Bio

If you would like to update your Bio that is in the Members' Listing on this site, then these instructions should help you get started.

  • Log into the site by visiting the Members tab, where a login widget should be visible in the right-hand sidebar. Your login credentials should be the same as you were given for the old Bulletin Board site.
  • Go back to the Members' listing. If there is no icon there with your name on it, please request through the email for a place-holder folder to be created for you. Once you've got that, then you can continue following these steps.
  • Click on your icon. Since you will have been given permission to edit content in this section of the site (and no others), you should see a green bar appear in the content area of this page.
  • Click on the Edit tab in that bar. On this page you can input the following details:
    • Select an image from your computer to upload that will be used in the listing page.
    • Paste in the full URL of your website if you have one. Leave blank otherwise.
    • Add a very short line highlighting the media in which you work.
    • Add the location of the studio in which you do your work if you wish to list this.
    • Select an picture of yourself from your computer if you wish to. This can be useful because it allows other members of the society recognize you at exhibitions.
    • Your Facebook URL if you have one.
    • Your Twitter URL if you have one.
    • In the details section, you can add a longer artist's statement. This section can include images (see this description).
  • Hit the Save button.

This is the core Bio done. The following pages in this section describe how you can do more in your dedicated folder on the site.

If there is a red button on the green bar that says "Private" then only you will be able to see this Bio. When you are happy with the contents, you can go ahead an publish it, and then it will become immediately visible to all visitors to the site.

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