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Your own Slideshow

We have provided a mechanism that allows you to upload pictures into a slideshow that is displayed at the bottom of your Bio page. Follow these instructions for how to add images into your slideshow.

  • Login, as described here.
  • Go to your Bio page (click on Members -> Members listing -> your-icon)
  •  A green button should appear at the bottom of your page with the name "Edit slideshow". Click on it. You will be in a folder within your bio page called "Slideshow".
  • Upload images into this folder by dragging them onto the red Browse button that will be in the right-hand sidebar. See below for instructions on the form of these images. Hit Upload button to upload those dropped images.
  • To see your slideshow in action, go back to your Bio page. (Tip: click on your name in the "breadcrumbs" line, which is the bit that says "You are here" followed by the path to where you are in the site). The images that you uploaded should appear in a slideshow.

The images that you upload should, for the best slideshow results, be:

  • 600 x 600 pixels big, though if they are larger the website will shrink them efficiently.
  • if the aspect ratio of the image is not square, then the image should ideally be padded and placed centrally in that square. For example, the image on the left should be padded to produce the image on the right.


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