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Ann Massing

Painting in ink & watercolour, printmaking
St Barnabas Press

Initially academically trained in the traditions of Western Art, after a trip to China in the 1980s, I began doing East Asian painting in the literati style (painting by scholar-artists), then after retiring from my profession as a painting restorer I began to develop my printmaking skills; I also practice regularly life drawing.

My current work is a fusion of these interests. My artworks are often painted or printed onto handmade oriental papers and signed in the East Asian manner with red vermilion paste, often using an antique carved seal with my artist’s name Majingju.

As for many, the natural world is for me a source of joy, inspiration and restoration – a remedy for the busyness of our modern life.

After having studied art history and fine art at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA,  and then at Strasbourg University in France, I trained as a painting restorer at the Institut für Technologie der Malerie in Stuttgart, Germany, becoming Diplom Restorator in 1978. I was Assistant to the Director at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge from 1978 to 2007 where I was a painting restorer and taught painting restoration.  I edited and wrote several books for the Hamilton Kerr Institute mainly on the history of European painting materials and techniques and on the restoration of paintings before I began developing my own artistic interests.

sisters, aquatint 16 x 22 cm
Sketch of Blakney Beach, Norfolk
monoprint rodi
Kay, study in ink
Lake Louise
Woodland Brook, ink and watercolour on chinese paper
Bluebell Woods, ink and watercolour on chinese paper
toowit twoo   sugarlift printed on blue background
cecilia study in ink
Cat Guardian : eyes watching you, etching aquatint
Spring Moon Rising   aquatint
Golden Lotus, ink and watercolour on chinese paper  42 x 29 cm
moonlit mountains,  ink and watercolour on Chinese paper
Waves  Stormy Seas, aquatint
Memories of the Pyranees , ink and watercolour on Chinese paper, c.22x 25 cm
cecilia backview
Happy Fish, ink and watercolour on chinese paper
Cecilia  quick sketch
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, ink and watercolour on chinese paper
down to the beach wells next the sea  etching aquatint, 18 x 40.5
Double Luck : red bamboo, ink and watercolour on chinese paper
Happy Days on the Beach, aquatint
pine and pussy willow, ink and watercolour on Chinese paper
The Lily's Shadow  photopolymer gravure
tide coming in, wells next the sea, etching and aquatint, 18 x 29
Mother & Child, ink and watercolour on chinese paper 14.5 x 20
High Tide, aquatint
Canadian Rockies, sketch
Along the Great Divide
Triptych: Beyond the Waves   aquatint
Walking on the Beach, sketch in chinese ink and watercolour
Waves Troubled Waters   aquatint
Autumn in the Canadian Rockies
sparrows, ink and watercolour on chinese paper, c.26 x 30
Jumping Fish, detail, carborundum
Bird Watching, chinese ink and watercolour
Agnes looking down
wells next the sea walking on the beach 2 plate etching aquatint 20.5 x 32.5 cm
Along the Great Divide
jumping for joy, linocut, 10 x 12 cm
Lotus Dancing,  ink and watercolour on Chinese paper
Playing in the Sand, chinese ink and watercolour