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Cathy Parker

Oils, watercolour, ink and mixed media
17 Belvoir Road, Cambridge CB4 1JH

My paintings spring from my lifelong enjoyment of the natural world. My enduring theme is the landscape wherever I am, whether fenland or heaths, coast, moors or mountains. I have a particular affection for trees.

I work in various media, including watercolour, acrylic, oils, ink and mixed media. I have two ways of working: outdoors in front of the subject, in direct response to the enduring forms of the landscape and the fleeting changes of light, colour and weather; and in the studio, producing semi-abstracted works.

WinterTrees o 40x30 2014
Lake4 o 24x64 2014
WickenFen BakersNovember3 w 12x39 2014
ScotsPine o 37x17 2014
ScotsPine o 38x20 2014
Ash17 o 60x40 2014
RiverLark aop 25x37 2014
WickenFen AutumnTrees wi 14x40 2014
Lake3 o 14x40 2014
WoodlandPath4 op 30x40 2014
Poplars o 22x29 2014
BotanicGardenTrees o 15x40 2014
BotanicGardenTrees2 oc 22x29 2014
OrientalPlane2 i 75x55 2014
TigerHill wi 44x22 2014
OrientalPlane1 i 55x75 2014
WickenFen BakersNovember2 w 14x40 2014
Lake5 o 37x75 2014
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