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Craig Allan Lee

When painting landscapes my aim is to capture atmosphere, light, and leave just enough for the imagination. For my portraits I try to capture personality, character, and a scence of moment.
Oils, watercolour, graphite

I am a self taught artist that enjoys painting landscapes and seascapes En Plein Air when possible, when not I'm in the studio painting from my personal photo references. I get most of my inspiration from the local countryside around me. Whether it's a dull moody day or simply the early morning sun casting long shadows it never fails to inspire me to paint it. I also enjoy figure painting from life and often include this to my paintings to add narrative.

I am also a keen portrait painter, there's something uniquely rewarding in handing over a completed commission to a satisfied client.

I paint predominantly using oils, but when faced with a short posed figure study from life I tend to prefer the speed that watercolours offer. My style for painting in oils is wet on wet as I like to work quickly, often finishing a piece in just one sitting, with the exception of portraits. I prefer to work this way because I'm quite impatient and can lose interest quickly plus I love the loose spontaneity that working wet on wet can create.

Inspiration is found through other artists' works, in particular from two old masters, John Singer Sargent and Rembrandt. I also enjoy works from modern international artists such as John Crump, Morgan Weistling, and Daniel Gerhartz.

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Evening stroll
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Pony rides along Hunstanton beach
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