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Elizabeth Hicks

Charcoal, graphite pencil, oil, pen & ink, pastels and clay
Home and on location.

       I qualified as a teacher after graduating in Graphics and Illustration at Brighton. I have taught art in state secondary schools and adult education. When at Brighton the war artist Leslie Cole was one of my tutors, giving me a firm base in figurative drawing. Recently I have studied in London and Florence, furthering my knowledge in painting, drawing and sculpture.     

I am a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, a long established national society which, like the CDS, has drawing at its heart. I regularly exhibit with them in London and have also exhibited with the SWA and the RBA at the Mall Galleries. 

12 Rear Gunner Ron
Morning Walk 2011,
IMG 3345
Male model
1 Cockney Rhyming slang
6 Radwinter Barn at Dusk
dancing couple
2 County Cork
Adrian FL
The Osier Bed
My Mother's Handbag (Graphite Colour Pencil)
17 The  Bus Home
9 Eddie
10 Keith the Gamekeeper
Youth Band at the 2012 Games   Mixed Media
11 Old Joe
Leyn (Bronze Resin)