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Eva Humphrey-Lahti

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
Oil and water based media, sculpture in bronze and cold casts.

Eva Humphrey-Lahti MA RCA

I come from an architectural and design background, having studied both in Finland (UIAH) and the UK (RCA). My myriad interests lend themselves to exploring a wide variety of subject matter, style and media, causing my work to range widely from abstract to figurative, monochromatic to colourful, creating a wide versatile body of work including drawings, paintings, prints, reliefs and sculpture.

Cosmic Kaleidoscope.jpg
Untitled 2, Everyday Gold Series
Me So Horny (me love you long time)
Bared Down
Abstract Pears
Family Sauna
Moon Bridge
Running Wild
Marko Working 2
Eype Sketch
Planets in Transit 2
Everyday Gold 5
Cosmic Flow
Untitled 1, Everyday Gold Series
One Fine Day watermarked
Everyday Gold 6
Mike's Head
Jack R
Everyday Gold 4
Sitting Girl with shadow
Yellow Horny