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Eva Humphrey-Lahti

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
Oil and water based media, sculpture in bronze and cold casts.

Eva Humphrey-Lahti MA RCA

I come from an architectural and design background, having studied both in Finland (UIAH) and the UK (RCA). My myriad interests lend themselves to exploring a wide variety of subject matter, style and media, causing my work to range widely from abstract to figurative, monochromatic to colourful, creating a wide versatile body of work including drawings, paintings, prints, reliefs and sculpture.

Family Sauna
Jack R
Yellow Horny
Moon Bridge
Planets in Transit 2
Everyday Gold 6
Everyday Gold 4
Running Wild
Mike's Head
Abstract Pears
Me So Horny (me love you long time)
Cosmic Kaleidoscope.jpg
Untitled 1, Everyday Gold Series
Sitting Girl with shadow
Marko Working 2
Bared Down
One Fine Day watermarked
Untitled 2, Everyday Gold Series
Eype Sketch
Cosmic Flow
Everyday Gold 5