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Ho-Young Reynolds

Oil paintings (still-life, portraits, landscapes) and drawings. Portraits commissioned.
Oil, Watercolour, Charcoal and Pencil
Trumpington, Cambridge, UK

Painting, like all art forms, is a communication between a creator and an audience. The communication must be simple and unclomplicated. In my painting I try to express nature the way I see it, honestly and sincerely.

I favour a classical, painterly style. Inspired by Rembrandt, Manet, Fantin-Latour and others, I emulate the established classical techniques to produce the desired effect -- solidity, atmosphere, mystery.....

Having painted landscapes and still-life for several years, I am now focusing on portraiture and figures.  But whatever the subject, my ultimate goal is the same -- finding and creating beauty.  It is exhilirating to see everyday objects and the human form transformed into things of quiet beauty that occur at a particular moment and under certain lighting conditions.

I am currently taking commissions for portraits.

Sake Flask With Honesty
Chinese Bowl with Fruit
Jemima 1
Abalone Shell
Chinese Vase with Cosmos
Clemantines and Terracotta Pot
Red Onion with Pumpkin
Man in Hat 1
Lady C1
Red Roses
Exhibition Road, South Ken
Lady 2
Yellow Roses With Pear
Pumpkin with Currents
Singapore Kampung - Watercolour
The Last Kampung in Singapore - Watercolour
Rokeby Girl
Dusk Over Fens
Empty Seat
Sake Flask
Roses with White Bowl
Pink Roses
Apricots With Blue Jug