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Ho-Young Reynolds

Still-life and Portraits in oil, drawings in pencil/charcoal
Oil, Watercolour, Charcoal and Pencil
Trumpington, Cambridge

As an admirer of realist/naturalist Old Masters, I believe that paintings must be self-explanatory and should be understood directly by the viewer without the painter's explanation. Painting, like all art forms, is about communication between its creator and an audience. And the communication must be simple and uncomplicated. In painting, I try to express the way as I see in nature, honestly and sincerely.

Regarding technique, I favour a painterly style rather than the mechanical look of photo-realist paintings.  I have studied techniques of Courbet, Manet, Fantin-Latour and also Rembrandt. But in actual practice, I incorporate all of the techniques available to me, as long as they produce the desired effects; three dimentionality, solidity, atmosphere, mystery ...

For the most part, I have been painting still life and recently portraits. However, whatever the subject, the ultimate goal is the same - finding beauty, creating beauty. For me it is exhilarating to see everyday objects and the human form transformed into things of great beauty under certain lighting conditions and arrangements. 

I am currently taking commissions for portraits.

(Instagram: @hoyoungreynolds)

Roses with White Bowl
Empty Seat
Chinese Bowl with Fruit
Sake Flask With Honesty
Clemantines and Terracotta Pot
Red Onion with Pumpkin
Lady 2
Yellow Roses With Pear
Apricots With Blue Jug
Chinese Vase with Cosmos
The Last Kampung in Singapore - Watercolour
Red Roses
Pumpkin with Currents
Sake Flask
Man in Hat 1
Abalone Shell
Singapore Kampung - Watercolour
Dusk Over Fens
Pink Roses
Jemima 1