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Ho-Young Reynolds

Still-life paintings
OIl Paintings
Trumpington, Cambridge

In learning the art of painting, I have been guided by the great masters, especially Rembrandt, Chardin, Goya and Manet.  Although I have attended many art classes and workshops, my true teachers are the great masters on display in museums and my observations of nature.


My subjects range from modest kitchenware to the most complicated human forms. Whatever moves me, motivates me and inspires me is my subject. In essence my subject is "beauty", the quiet beauty which manifests itself in certain objects and views at a particular moment.


In technical matters, I try not to have "a style" but rather to employ appropriate techniques developed (and still developing) from my studies of the old masters. Quite naturally, different subjects demand different techniques.  Painting the ephemeral quality of flowers demands a very different approach from painting an old copper pan, and the brush strokes used to paint a strong male figure could not be the same as those used to paint a soft child's face. Different subjects dictate different techniques and to some extent, different colour choices - in short, a different "style".


The only constant is my sincere effort to express the beauty I see in front of me. I hope that the viewers may find in my paintings the very beauty that my subjects inspire me to paint.

Exhibtion Road - Oil on Canvas
Singapore Kampung - Watercolour
Grerat Langdale - Oil on Canvas
The Last Kampung in Singapore - Watercolour
Apricots With Blue Jug
Chinese Vase with Cosmos
Sake Flask
Pumpkin with Currents
Chinese Bowl with Fruit
Red Onion with Pumpkin
Yellow Roses With Pear
Abalone Shell