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Ho-Young Reynolds

Oil paintings (still-life, portraits, landscapes) and drawings. Portraits commissioned.
Oil, Watercolour, Charcoal and Pencil
Trumpington, Cambridge, UK

Painting, like all art forms, is a communication between a creator and an audience. I make my best effort to communicate my intentions in each painting as sincerely as possible.

Even though my formal education is not in art (I hold a Ba in French literature and an MSc in Library Science), my passion for Fine Art made me give up a career as a language teacher and translator to take up painting instead. I found my art teachers in Museums and Art books. I frequent museums to admire works by Rembrandt, Manet, Picasso and many other great masters and I try to understand what makes their works so beautiful and compelling.

In terms of the technique, I generally adopt and adapt various techniques from the Old and New Masters. As long as a particular technique helps me to produce the desired effect, I do not hesitate to employ it.

Having painted landscapes and still-life for several years, I am now focusing on portraiture and figures.  But whatever the subject, my ultimate goal is the same -- finding and creating beauty.

I am currently taking commissions for portraits.

Lady 2
Abalone Shell
Pink Roses
Singapore Kampung - Watercolour
The Last Kampung in Singapore - Watercolour
Exhibition Road, South Ken
Pumpkin with Currents
Empty Seat
Red Roses
Chinese Bowl with Fruit
Lady C1
Jemima 1
Man in Hat 1
Roses with White Bowl
Red Onion with Pumpkin
Yellow Roses With Pear
Rokeby Girl
Clemantines and Terracotta Pot
Apricots With Blue Jug
Sake Flask
Dusk Over Fens
Chinese Vase with Cosmos
Sake Flask With Honesty