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Ho-Young Reynolds

Oil paintings (still-life, portraits, landscapes) and drawings. Portraits commissioned.
Oil, Watercolour, Charcoal and Pencil
Trumpington, Cambridge, UK

In learning painting, I looked up closely paintings of Old Masters, especially Rembrandt, Chardin, Van Gogh and Freud. Even though I did attend various art classes and workshops of well established art teachers, my most important teachers always remain the Old Masters in the Museums.

My subjects are diverse. ranging from modest kitchen wares to the most complicate human forms. Whatever moves me, motivates me and inspires me are my subjects.

In terms of technics or 'style,' I try to be flexible and adoptable. This is due to the fact that different subject matters demand me to take diffferent approach and different choice of colour phalette.

One thing constant, however, is my sincere effort to express the beauty I find in the subjects. I hope that the viewers may also find in my paingings  the beauty which my subjects inspire me to paint.

Apricots With Blue Jug
Red Roses
Red Onion with Pumpkin
Exhibition Road, South Ken
Chinese Bowl with Fruit
Rokeby Girl
Pink Roses
The Last Kampung in Singapore - Watercolour
Sake Flask
Yellow Roses With Pear
Man in Hat 1
Sake Flask With Honesty
Jemima 1
Lady 2
Pumpkin with Currents
Chinese Vase with Cosmos
Empty Seat
Clemantines and Terracotta Pot
Lady C1
Singapore Kampung - Watercolour
Abalone Shell
Dusk Over Fens
Roses with White Bowl