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Karen Macwhinnie

Intuitive Painter Printmaker Landscapes Seascapes
Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Pastel Pencil on canvas, board & paper
St Neots


Karen Macwhinnie Painter & Printmaker

Art and Creativity have always played a significant part in my life. I suppose I only fully realised the limitless nature of imagination and creativity once I was in my 20's. I have enjoyed acting, singing and writing. Painting and printing has been part of my life now for around 8 years. I developed what I can only describe as an intense drive to paint during my training on a 3 year Arts/Therapy course based in London. I have had so many hours of fun experimenting and playing with paints, plus some late night hours of torment!   I now work as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor using over 7 different art forms. I believe art is healing. My interest and passion for art is something that I can't ignore, can't not pursue; it's part of me.

I am drawn to water, whether it be random puddles or the enormity and complexity of the sea. Strong memories linger of times spent on visits and family holidays to Scottish shores, Norfolk and Cornwall. I love the textures and layers of materials, often drawn to rusts and patinas. A stone or a piece of weathered wood can form the basis of many pieces of work. I have recently created a series of stone prints and stone themed collages. Rocks and stones have indeed many faces. To me they are beautiful works of art in their own right. They will outlive most of us. They endure.

The foundations and themes of the paintings and images I create connect to my childhood and my personal ongoing process of discovery and change. Ships, boats, kettles and cups are metaphors representing; journeys, uncertainty, transformation, vessels of holding, storage and containment. These elements are integral to my work - the therapeutic process and the therapeutic relationship.

My work is grounded and rooted in nature, but also contains elements and symbols of fantasy and the ethereal.  I use acrylics mostly and sometimes use oils, pastels, inks and rubber stamping/collage papers and textiles. I work on canvas, boards and paper. Some prints are created in a printing studio with a printing press but more often are created at home using glass, metal and gelliplate I am fascinated by prints, it is always a surprise, often a nice one, when a pulled print is revealed. I tend to work intuitively and paintings evolve often with many layers under the final, finished piece which feels "right".


“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write,
if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be.”

 Abraham Maslow

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