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Lynn Norton

Mixed media artist
Acrylic ink, pastels, mixed media
Hilton, Cambridgeshire

Although I have used many different medium over the years, I really love using those that are water-based. My recent works use acrylic inks, which I find exciting both for their vibrant, intense colours and for the unpredictability of the results. However, these are often combined with the use of soft pastels and other medium. I generally work in a large format, which enables me to use big gestural strokes and tend to use transparent inks, which enable the underlying white of the paper to glow through the work. The remaining areas of white paper are an integral part of the painting and balance the vibrancy of the ink. I haven’t been influenced by any particular artist for these works, but arrived at this style through experimentation.

My subject matter is mostly provided by the natural world. The way I paint calls for dramatic shapes and nature provides these in abundance, whether it is floral subjects or animals and birds.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and soft pastels are another favourite, occasionally with an underpainting of watercolour or acrylic, again using the natural world  as my influence.

Here's Looking at You, Kid
Gossamer wings
Down in the Cornfield
The Old Bull
Fighting Temeraire
Mountain Walk
Ruler of the Roost
Blue ladies of the glade
Flame-Coloured Beauty
Is this my best side?
Spread your wings and take flight
Crowning Glory
Look Who's Behind You!
Cocky Cockerel
Scarlet Beauty
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
Bad Hair Day
Jewel of the Amazon
March Hare
Quiet amongst the rushes
Waiting for his Prey
Winter's Glory
Just Chillin'
Secretary bird
Taking flight (acrylic ink & soft pastels)
Male Lion