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Melanie Max

Semi Abstract Atmospheric Landscape & Seascape Oil Paintings
Narrowboat studio

Through painting I explore my emotional responses to landscape and try to capture its beauty and transience. The early stages of my work are characterized by expressive, rapid and intuitive marks concentrating on the sensuous enjoyment of the paint and embracing accidental developments with little regard to composition. The later stages are characterized by a medititive phase at which formal decisions are made and the subject is amplified.

In my latest work I use graphic elements juxtaposed against more painterly content to increase the allusion to physical space. The viewers mind has the challenge of integrating the two styles into a whole as their eyes work scanning and re-scanning the picture, it is this attempt that I hope gives these paintings an active and lively surface.

Underneath the Light no.3
Underneath the Light no.6
Underneath the Light no.4
Underneath the Light no.5
Underneath the Light no.2