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Paul Rodhouse

Oils and acrylics on canvas and board

My life revolves around the sea - the coast, the open ocean and the polar regions.  I have spent a substantial amount to time aboard ships, including in the Antarctic and in my spare time I am often at sea under sail.  This is my inspiration.  Most of my painting is done in my Burwell studio but I sketch and take reference images in the field.  I spend a lot of time among the various marine subjects that I paint absorbing what it is that excites me so much about this environment.  I am fascinated by the possibilities that waves, clouds and ice provide for creating dynamic composition and by the challenge of capturing the play of light and reflections on the moving sea and the sparkling ice.

Adelaide Island, Antarctica
Tabular Berg
Reflections of Mount Paget, South Georgia
Lady Elizabeth at whalebone cove
Edge of the ice
Reptile Ridge, Antarctica
King penguins at South Georgia