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Rob Ellis


Having last “done art” at primary school around 1960, I have come to painting untrained and rather late on in life;   I apply watercolour paints using brushes and dip-pens and I realise I tend to “draw” with watercolour rather than “paint”;  I’m afraid I like to take control and not let the paint do its own thing on the paper.  I also like to challenge myself by varying my subject matter – landscape, townscape, portraiture, animal portraiture, house portraiture(!) and anything else that takes my fancy - so that I don’t find myself channelled down just one gutter.

 I spent my earlier life teaching and directing teaching in English language schools in this country and in Spain, Egypt and Korea – I have a Masters in Applied Linguistics - and then switched career to become a furniture-restorer and polisher, the job I still do.  I also design and make acoustic guitars.  I live and work in Cottenham, which features in some of my recent paintings.

All That Glisters is not Gault
Old Bloke in Paradise.jpg
Ouse and Ahs
Door Furniture
Painting 1.jpg
No. 111.jpg
Views of Cottenham:  No. 315 (sunny)
Bryn in 3D
The Mona Les
Always Look on the Bright Side
Fern and Games
Number 315.jpg
Jack in Paradise
Christmas card
Views of Cottenham:  No. 216A
Ilkley Moor