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Ros Ridley

Watercolour, oils, pastel, drawing

I have enjoyed drawing and painting for many years. I use pencil, ink, watercolours, oils and pastels and particularly like detailed representations of buildings, flowers, objects and animals. I am a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge District Art Circle and Royston Arts Society and exhibit in a variety of local venues.

Before retirement, I pursued a career in medical research with interests that included the brain mechanisms involved in perception. I therefore have a double interest in the process of seeing and in the way in which we interact with the visual world around us.

You can visit my webpage on:

 You can also view a larger selection of my paintings by visiting:


 You can contact me on:

01763 260845

126 High St, Meldreth SG8 6LB

A glass of wine at lunchtime
Cafe Flore, Paris
Tourists in Paris for web
Floating Market, Bangkok for web