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Sarah Walsh

Oil and charcoal
Great Shelford, Cambridge

From my childhood in France onwards, exhibitions, art history and artists have always been a part of my life, but the 'doing' only started after retirement from a linguistic career, setting up and running a translation business in Cambridge, and editing art book translations. An inspirational Zimbabwean artist friend encouraged me to take up oil painting and to look at the world afresh. My early delight in the use of colour and light became a striving to depict the harmonies between natural and man-made form and structure.


Painting is a very personal and emotional response to what I see and perceive of my daily world, as well as an escape from the sadness inflicted by man on the beauties of nature and humankind. I look for the detail and the spaces around me to present an intimate image of light, form and colour- recollections of moments in time and special places, inspired by pattern and rhythms in space. Although still largely representational, my work aims for a looser, more abstract depiction.


I have exhibited my work in many Cambridge venues and exhibitions. As a member of Cambridge Open Studios, I will be opening my studio to the public this July.

Skies over Vault Beach
The Shelf
Seated Girl
Green Vase
Blakeney Marshes
St. Remy Houses
Doonreagan Rock Pool
Connemara Rocks
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