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Susan Abbs

Contemporary paintings
Oil, acrylic, charcoal. watercolour, mixed

Her paintings leap off the walls because of their realism which is not achieved through tiny brushstrokes but through the bold, skillful handling of chiaroscuro and varied paint effects applied with palette knives. Majestic trees contrast with vast swathes of, dark shade combines with hot, gleaming sunshine...strongly textured, tactile bark is juxtaposed with delicate, fluttering leaves and each vast scene is injected with life through a handful of subtly defined, distant, human figures.

- art critic Carol Codrey

SusanAbbs BlueManAkimbo 51x76cm
SusanAbbs 6 to Win 102x76cm
SusanAbbs BikeRide 102x76cm
ThePath 30x25cm
SusanAbbs Morning Light 24x30cm
SusanAbbs TheChase 102x76cm
Gudrun GreyOrange
SusanAbbs Sky 24x30cm
SusanAbbs LammasLand 250x60cm web
Male 53x73framed
SusanAbbs CalmWaters 30x24xm
SusanAbbs MorningRun 60x50cm
SusanAbbs Rabbit 102x76cm
SusanAbbs Turning 38x56cm
SusanAbbs Reach 24x30cm
SusanAbbs ThePicnic 122x91cm"
SusanAbbs PinkPath 25x30cm
SusanAbbs Shade 101x76cm
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