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Vera Rosenberry


I have a degree in painting, and have had a career writing and illustrating children’s books.  Now I am concentrating on painting again,  and work in watercolour.

I like to to grab onto a subject, and explore it thoroughly before going on to another.  For example, my husband and I took a cycle trip through Norfolk, and I then did a series of paintings of Norfolk houses seen on the way.  Other subjects have been windowsill still life, chairs with birds on them, portraits, doorways, duvets...

To me, the most interesting thing is composition.  Although my work is definitely not abstract, one could blur the images and, hopefully, the compositions will shine through.    Light and dark, positive and negative spaces—these interest me most.

Gentle Death
Composition in Blue and White
Blue Hyacinths
Self Portrait
Wright's Row Corner, Grantchester
Passion Flowers
Perigrine and Chair
Red Hyacinths
The Black and White Plate
Ringstead, Norfolk, No. 2
Ringstead, Norfolk, No. 1